Stay on top of your scripts and aliases.

Keep track of the scripts, aliases, and functions you most commonly use. See your system aliases, functions and variables.
Manage and run them from one place.


Latest version: 07.02.2023-5f9d7e

macOS or Linux required
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See and run your Scripts, Aliases and Functions from one place

Explore your system Aliases, Functions and Variables

Manage all your Files

More Features

Detect command inputs
macOS & Linux
5 Shells
Own scripts & cheatsheets
Dark & Light mode
TrueColor, 256, 16, 8 and no color environments
Syntax Highlight
Compact & Detailed views


BashVault is a lightweight TUI (terminal UI) app that runs in full screen mode in your chosen emulator.

It might be right for you if:

  • you spend too much time browsing your terminal history trying to find past commands
  • you reach out to Google with questions like: how do I get a PID based on a port? how do I log a Docker container? how do I apply a Helm change?
  • you forget exactly the right parameters for that useful command
  • you're new to a tool like Kubernetes, Docker, etc and you'd like help taming their myriad commands
  • you have scripts to connect to remote databases, pull down images and pull up virtual machines and you'd like to have them at the tip of your fingertips
  • and many many more

BashVault helps you with all of these issues by becoming a central respository of all your scripts and commands.

It allows you to import local or remote resources, keep them in sync easily, manage them using a visual interface, and run them by simply pressing [ENTER].

In addition, it's going to show you all of the aliases, functions and variables present on your system.

Lastly, it's also safe and secure. Your data does not leave your machine and the app does not track you.

Quick Links

You can review installation instructions here.

You can look at the manual here.

You can see some resources to get you started here.

You can find out if you platform is supported here.

You can inspect the roadmap here.

You can report a bug here.


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